I know so many entrepreneurs who try things—new ideas, new products, new services, and it takes a solid couple of years before they really see the journey clearly. They need time to have enough data and experience to know what is really working and where to focus.

don’t know your customer journey yet? that’s okay.

What you can do now is this:

  1. Draw a pyramid on a piece of paper.
  2. At the bottom of the pyramid list all your low-cost stuff. The small things people buy from you.
  3. In the middle of the pyramid, define your flagship products and services.
  4. Use the top of the pyramid, to highlight any really high-end stuff.
  5. Below the pyramid, put all your free stuff (lead magnets).

A few things to keep in mind

All of that stuff underneath the pyramid can be infinite. There is always room to add new lead magnets to your customer journey.

The stuff at the bottom and in the middle of the pyramid is your bread and butter. In theory, these levels should be extremely scalable.

If they aren’t, then you might want to start thinking about alternatives you can add that will scale up.

You absolutely have to focus on the three most important things that generate revenue.

Scaling allows you to offer your services to more than one person at a time.

  • Start to ask yourself how you can do more of what you do best.
  • Consider how your services can become more profitable.
  • Explore where you can free your schedule by outsourcing some of your current work responsibilities that don’t necessarily need to be done by you.

Your premium ticket items—the high-end stuff at the top—aren’t scalable, nor should they be.


All of this stuff—lead magnets, services, products—doesn’t have to be in one pyramid (sales funnel). Think about using multiple funnels linked and stacked together. 

I like to think of my funnel as a spiral that is active, changing and dynamic.

Change is constant. Maybe you’re doing well now. Do you possess a solid plan to ensure you’ll remain busy a year from now? A strong marketing funnel keeps you, and your business, top of mind.

Going it alone in business is a surefire way to fail.
With no one to turn to, no one to lean on, and no one to learn from, you’LL be left doing everything on your own.

And it’s not easy, being alone. There’s a better way.


We Believe… Everyone is Creative. Everyone is Powerful.
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We believe in the power of community. We believe in giving a damn. We believe in face-to-face connections, in learning from others, in hugs and high-fives.

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Freelancing isn’t easy. Building a business to achieve the lifestyle you want isn’t easy. Bookkeeping? Gah!!

We invite you to join our innovative and collaborative community.


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Your website is the hub of your online presence – period. (Well, maybe that’s not exactly true for you right now, but it must be!)

As such, it has to do some heavy lifting and that heavy lifting must extend far beyond the interactive brochure still built today by many business owners.

Your website must tell a story. A story must be engaging and there must be a hero, a problem, a quest, a call to arms, and a promise of a happy ending.

The trouble with most sites, however, stems to some degree from how the web design . . .

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Right now, you may feel like your business is all over the place. You have some clients, but you’re always chasing the next one down.Your cashflow is laughable, and you keep trying to make new offers, knowing that this one will be the one that brings people running. You’re wondering when this whole freelancer, web designer/developer, coach, consultant, writer, yada, yada, yada solo-biz deal will finally take off.

There are essentially two ways to approach your solo-biz plan that have the chance to succeed. You can step, or you can splash.  They’re as different as night and day, but either one works.

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