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You can picture it—your dream bathroom. It's a spotless sanctuary. The vanity is clutter-free. The fixtures are gleaming. Everything is perfectly in place, and there's nothing for you to do but take a relaxing soak in the tub.

But then reality gets in the way of that calming vision. There's still grime in the tub from last night's bath. Water spots are all over the faucet and tub spout. And there's toothpaste in the sink from the kids' rush to get ready for school. At least they brushed—that's a win!

No matter how hard you try, everyday life has a way of working against that elusive clean bathroom. Thankfully, Delta® products are built for real bathrooms, real messes, and real life. So, whether you're taking on water drops or spots, soap suds or bubbles, or getting tough on grime, we've got you covered.

Toothpaste is no match for a Delta® Pull-down Bath Faucet. With a nimble pull-down sprayer, rinsing off soap scum, beard trimmings, and other gunk in the sink is a breeze. MagnaTite® Docking snaps the sprayer precisely in place with a powerful integrated magnet, so it stays docked and looking picture perfect when not in use.

When it comes to bathtub grime, there's no need to worry. With its high-pressure, wide fan spray, the Delta® ProClean Hand Shower cleans shower surfaces 2x faster than standard sprays. You can easily power off soap scum, dirt, and other shower messes—even in those hard-to-reach places—without stepping a foot into the shower.

And what about those nagging water spots? Turn them into a memory with Delta® Lumicoat® finishes, that easily wipe clean without the need for cleansers or chemicals and are guaranteed to resist mineral buildup and hard water stains. The ultra-sleek surface repels liquids, so your bath faucet and shower stay clean longer.

Delta® products can help keep your bathroom clean—even when you use it. So go ahead and dream away. You can trust Delta to help bring your dream bathroom to life.