Relying on the skillset of a lone individual is a common reason freelancers fail. Most likely, you don’t have all the traits needed to successfully run a business in and of yourself. How do you get the rest?

Create a Tribal wolf pack

You need a team to achieve more than you can alone. And not just any team.

More than just a collection of friends and family, a freelancer’s wolf pack must include highly skilled teammates whose contributions to the business are clearly defined and well understood by the group as a whole.

The good news is that not everyone in the world is just like you. Other people you know have strengths that can complement your own and give your business everything it needs. It’s your job to find those people and ask them to join you.

While your business starts with you, it shouldn’t end with you.

Specific Operational Skillsets

Most businesses will need people with skills in technology, business strategy, operations, marketing, accounting and finance, legal and human resources.

Depending on your business, other skillsets may be warranted, such as public relations, research and development, graphic design, user experience, or engineering. Stick to your strengths. And just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean you should. For example, find a good bookkeeper and a talented website designer if your time is better spent wooing potential clients.

Keep in mind that these thinkers may be part- or full-time employees, independent contractors or other outside resources, such as your DeltaPrimed cohort.

Different Thinking Capabilities

Surround yourself with intelligent, savvy, honest people. The key is finding people who think differently—not just clones to agree with your every opinion. These members of your wolf pack will prove beneficial as sounding boards, devil’s advocates and geniuses to benefit your fledgling enterprise.

  • Strategic and long-term thinkers. You’re passionate about your business, yet knee-deep in working in your business. These thinkers help you prepare for one, three, or five years down the road. Heck! They’ll help you prepare for one, three, or five months down the road.
  • Detail-oriented thinkers. Every detail matters to these individuals, and they are

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