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Our passion for great design continues

Drawing on decades of innovation in water-delivery with our world-class faucet and shower technology, Delta is now applying that same passion for transformative design to the world of kitchen sinks.

Life happens in the kitchen, now more than ever. That’s why your kitchen sink should adapt to the way you live and give you the power to change how your kitchen operates. Delta’s first-ever workstation kitchen sinks are designed for versatility with high-quality materials and coordinating accessories, allowing your kitchen to accommodate your daily life. We’re modernizing workflow in the kitchen, making tasks easier by making you more efficient.

Our passion for great design continues

Key Features of Our Sinks

  • Built-in WorkFlow™ ledge for sliding accessories helps make food prep easy by allowing you to work right over the sink, creating a multifunctional work surface for seamless transition between tasks.
  • Exceptional engineering with space saving qualities that create a flexible workspace to take on all kinds of kitchen and life tasks.
  • Easy clean-up design keeps the mess off your countertops by allowing you to work directly over the sink.
  • A range of workstation sink sizes, configurations, and mounting styles to fit any kitchen space and the way you use it every day.
Key Features of Delta Sinks

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Undermount Design
Undermount Sink

Undermount installation creates a seamless transition from counter to sink for a clean and contemporary look with no exposed mounting deck to trap debris. Easily wipe water and crumbs into the sink for hassle-free cleanup.

Top Mount Design
Top Mount / Drop in Sink

Top mount design allows for easy installation with any kitchen countertop material. Perfect for renovations, this sink can be installed with existing countertop cutouts. 2 pre-drilled holes offer a convenient way to install your kitchen faucet and an accessory.

Dual Mount Sinks
Dual Mount Sink

Dual Mount sinks provide the versatility ideal for retrofitting. The thick mounting deck with beveled edges sits flat against the counter and allows you to easily wipe water and crumbs into the sink. A perfect renovation solution, the dual mount design allows you to install as an undermount or drop-in sink with any kitchen counter material.

Farmhouse / Apron Front Sink
Farmhouse / Apron Front Sink

Farmhouse sinks create a natural focal point while the deep basin offers more space and flexibility. With no exposed mounting deck to trap food and debris, you can easily wipe water and crumbs into the sink for a hassle-free clean-up. Versatile and timeless, the modern flat apron front on our farmhouse sink is perfect for a striking centerpiece.

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Available in a range of sizes suitable for any kitchen, with functionality-boosting accessories for streamlined workflow

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Workstation Series

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Made with long-lasting stainless steel, the Lorelai Workstation Sink boasts sleek lines and a rounded silhouette that makes it as beautiful as it is functional. A gently sloped bottom and easy-to-clean corners allow for a low-maintenance design that helps to keep your sink looking spotless.

Workstation Series

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Made with heavy-duty stainless steel for durability that lasts, the Rivet Workstation Sink is defined by clean lines and tightly rounded corners for a streamlined look. Corrosion-resistant brushed finish creates a professional look that is easy to maintain and stands up over time.

Workstation Series

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Innovative Delta MetallTek gives the Everest Workstation Sink the look of real stone and offers excellent resistance to impact for when things get busy in the kitchen. The advanced material features a smooth non-porous surface that is stain resistant and easy to clean.

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